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Multifunctional Portable Power Station 200W

145.03€ 218.03€ VER OFERTA
145.03€ 218.03€ VER OFERTA


Rated Power:200W
Rated Capacity:240Wh
Standard Capacity:3.2V 96000mAh
Overload Protection:600W+/- 20W
AC Output:110V +/- 10%
Output Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
Protection Circuit: Short circuit, over current, over power, over charge, over-temperature, etc
Led Smart Display: The smart display shows input power, output power, and the remaining battery.
Charging Input Voltage:10.8-23.5V
Working Temperature:-10–40
Size: 20.9×17.5×8.9cm
Weight(Parts Included):2.8KG

AC Input: AC 230V/50Hz 3A(MAX)(please use the adapter included with this generator)
Solar Charger Input: 16.6V-22V 3A(Max)
Car Charger: 12V-22V (Attention: For 12V battery only, not the 24V battery, use this charging method when driving)

AC Output x 1: AC 110V/60Hz Or 220V/50Hz 400W(Max)
USB Output x 2:QC3.0/18W
Type-C Output: PD25W
Type-C Input/Output:PD60W
Cigarette Lighter Output:12V/10A
DC Output x 2:12V/10A

【🔥Thunora High Capacity Generator Meets All Your Needs

Boasting a remarkable 240Wh of energy, using only premium components and the most advanced power management technology, Thunora portable power station packs enough power to fully charge your personal electronic devices, household electronics, and appliances, power up your tools, and help you keep lights on for emergency use. A portable power source is great to take in your RV, campsites, camping, hunting, farm, or job sites.

🔋【Charge 7 Devices Simultaneously】 Thunora portable power station is equipped with a 240Wh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery pack. Portable power source features 1*AC ports (230V/50Hz, 200W, peak 400w), 1*Type-C PD 25W port (5V-20V/ 25W max, QC3.0), 1*Type-C PD 60W port (5V-20V/ 60W max, QC3.0), 2*USB Output:QC3.0/18W, 2*DC ports (12V/ 10A). Thunora portable power station gives you the ports you need to charge all of your devices at the same time.

🔋【3 Recharging Methods】 Thunora portable power source has 4 ways to charge the emergency battery supply. It takes 3-3.5 hours to fully recharge the portable power station by AC 230v wall socket; about 4-5 hours under direct sunlight with solar panel (DC 100W MPPT and sold separately, not included), 4.5-5.5 hours by 12V/24V car cigarette socket.

🔋【Widely Range of Application】The backup battery power supply is powerful enough to meet different kinds of electricity demands usage for emergencies, outdoors, at home, travel, camping, and road trips. A portable power source supports charging mobile phones, laptops, computers, GPS, walkie-talkies, GoPro, cameras, drones, holiday lights, in-car appliances, and more. The portable power station uses a pure sine wave inverter, which works faster, is quieter, and is more stable. Protect the safety of the device being charged, completely healthy and environmentally friendly.

🔋【Portable Power Source & Emergency Light】 The rechargeable portable solar generator weighs only 2.4KG and a solid handle design makes it easy to take backup battery power supplies everywhere. Built with 1 white LED flashlight, which could give off 3 lighting modes (Steady Bright Light, Steady Low Light, flashing light SOS mode) to meet your different needs. Press the light button to turn on the light, and then press again to switch to blink / SOS mode. When you go out camping or experience power outages, this portable solar generator can help you.

🔋【Battery Management System – BMS】Our Battery Management System is built to govern the products’ safety structure. With multiple solutions for over current protection, short current protection, over-discharge protection, overcharge protection, over-voltage protection, and thermal protection.

Storage and Downtime Maintenance:
1. It is suggested to fully charge it at least once every 90 days for maintaining the best performance, reliability, and longevity.
2. If outputting is done, please remember to turn off the master to save the loss of energy.
3. Due to the chemical characteristics of the battery, the available capacity of the battery may somewhat vary from environment to environment such as cold weather or overheating (you may hear a cooling fan). So please always use it at room temperature (0°C- 40°C)also it is not recommended for outside storage or in damp environments.
4. If you are living off-grid in sub-zero conditions, we recommend you keep your unit in an insulated cooler and connect to a power source(solar panels). The natural heat generated will keep battery capacity at its highest.
5. The battery packs inside are non-removable, the life cycle for charge and discharge is over 1000 times, but eventually, it will wear out.
6. Continuously discharging the battery to 0% and then storing it with an empty battery may reduce its serviceable life. It is recommended to always leave at least 20% of capacity unused.

Note: When the energy storage is working, the fan will occur a certain sound when it dissipates heat, just like our computer, which is normal

Package Contents
1x Thunora Portable Power Station
1x AC Wall Charger
1x Solar adapter
1x Car Charger
1x User Manual

18-month product guarantee from Thunora



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